New airport access was delayed by obstructionists

A March 15 letter writer wrote regarding airport access: “As opposition grew, we eventually dropped the idea.” Not so.

The reason why there was no runway extension and airport access was the actions of a particular attorney and the several organizations he represented to scuttle the project. The money then went for the expansion of the Kona airport. (The very same people did the same for the ferry system for Maui and its people and businesses.) Every time I travel Dairy Road I have profane words for these cronies for the mess they have created all these years. They cannot see the forest because of the trees.

Finally we are going to alleviate this mess. The new airport access will be built at more than double the cost of the original. Now, since the above stopped the initial expansion, can we ask our state government to have them pay for the difference in the additional cost to the original in the 1990s? I have no respect for the ramifications they have caused over the years.

I truly believe in karma.

Frank Santos