New law needed to stop dog meat trade in Hawaii

There are many misconceptions in the dog meat trade. It is not about telling people what they can or cannot eat in Hawaii, it is about animal cruelty.

Dogs that are guide dogs help the blind or people with diseases, enabling them to function in society. The beloved dogs helping them with so many functions of life. Dogs go to minefields, are bomb sniffers, and help in many areas of rescue. In war in Afghanistan, they are treated like soldiers for their helping capacity.

Knowing this, would you find it in your hearts to allow Hawaii to eat dog meat?

It is already a felony to kill a dog. People do it under the table. They are knowingly breaking the law doing this.

The sale and consumption of dog meat is not illegal yet. We still need a law to ban the sale and consumption of dog meat.

Please go to, which has background of the dog meat trade in Hawaii. You can look through investigations. There is picture of a puppy to be eaten.

It happens in many places in Hawaii, this extreme cruelty. Dogs that are bred for sale of meat on Oahu are treated to horrendous conditions and have very dirty water, no space and shake in fear due to this cruelty.

Call state legislators to support passing a law, send email to or call the Maui Humane Society.

Barbara Steinberg