No good reason not to allow the growing of coral

After respectfully sending a letter to the Department of Land and Natural Resources and the Division of Aquatic Resources and not getting a response (they must be too busy sitting in their air-conditioned trucks), I pose this question to readers: Why is it illegal to grow coral in Hawaii?

This makes absolutely no sense. How can you grow a forest if you outlaw the planting of seeds? I’ve heard the standard dribble about how it’s sensitive and takes a really long time to grow. All the more reason to plant it now.

I personally know of a sunken personal watercraft platform in about 50 feet of water that has all kinds of coral growth on it. The platform has only been there for 20 years.

Has nobody ever been to Florida where artificial reefs are thriving? Why not take some derelict boats and sink them in 50 feet of water and make some awesome dive and snorkel sites?

On the DNLR website there is one idea for artificial reefs and it is these big ugly green blocks. Apparently they tried to deploy them one time and ended up damaging the reef nearby. What is wrong with this picture?

Jason Daniel Juarez