No leadership shown on regulation of bike tours

A March 10 letter writer’s comments in regard to the futility of testifying before the County Council are sadly true. The democratic process either stops or stalls in this chamber.

The question of regulating the downhill bike tour industry is a perfect example. Hundreds of people have testified, five studies have been submitted, $250,000 of our hard-earned tax money has been spent on one study alone and hundreds of thousands more on lawsuits, emergency services and the other studies.

The council has not adopted one recommendation from any of these. What a waste. Thousands have been injured, at least 20 have died. People are still treated in the emergency room weekly. It’s only a matter of time before a child is severely injured or killed.

The council has held meeting after meeting and viewed videos of the many violations and dangerous operations of these companies. (See YouTube’s “downhill bike tour hell on Maui”), and this council, going back to before J. Kalani English, has done nothing.

Something needs to be done – starting with Kula having a representative who actually lives in our district. Perhaps it’s time to vote some of these people out? The mayor’s complete lack of leadership on this issue, going back to his first term, doesn’t get him a free pass either.

Jimmy Muschietti