Pacific Biodiesel’s Bob King should be on task force

Gov. Neil Abercrombie has established a refinery task force. Hawaii’s main refinery, Tesoro, is closing. There is a very good possibility that the only other refinery, Chevron, may soon do the same.

This leaves our state very vulnerable as the majority of all our electricity generation, as well as our transportation fuel, is manufactured in these two refineries. Without them, where do we get the fuel for our economy? Do we import it from a volatile market in other countries by ship? As you can see, this task force and its recommendations and advice will be very important to the future of our state.

The only company that has built a new large-scale refinery in Hawaii in decades is Pacific Biodiesel, with a 5 million gallon per year facility just reaching completion on the Big Island. You would think that the governor would immediately turn to them to be part of this task force, yet for some reason he has not.

I am asking the governor to immediately appoint Bob King of Pacific Biodiesel to the task force. His skill is outstanding, and of all the potential new technologies for refining biofuels in the state, he has put his money and technological skill into a real state of the art refinery. We need his leadership skills and knowledge on this task force.

So governor, what’s your answer?

Sean Lester