President is engaging in major fearmongering

A Feb. 28 letter writer opined against a conservative writer’s Feb. 18 letter saying that he was fearmongering because he criticized President Barack Obama’s “disaster for health care.”

I don’t suppose the Feb. 28 letter writer would admit that our president is doing a major job of fearmongering the sequestration, running around the country, as always, spending lots of fuel ($180,000 a hour).

Despite warnings that teachers would lose their jobs and there would be airport delays, it’s proved to be false. I flew from Maui to Honolulu to Las Vegas recently with no problems.

Homeland Security is saying border patrol agents will be cut. Yet, John Kerry will give $60 million to the Muslim Brotherhood in Syria.

Self-guided White House tours have been canceled while the woman in charge is still employed, i.e., no savings, just broken dreams. An economist said recently that the president’s golf weekend with Tiger Woods would have provided 14 weeks of tours. Obama, with the aid of the press, is crying disaster while not cutting any programs or real spending, which a sequester is supposed to do.

Longtime nonpartisan reporter Bob Woodward, who reported Watergate spying, dared to say that our president was the one who wanted the sequester in the first place and was now unnecessarily scaring our citizenry.

This is just more smoke and mirrors from an administration that vacations in Hawaii, Colorado and Martha’s Vineyard while telling the taxpayers to cut back or ruining their White House visits.

Gaye McDonald

Henderson, Nev. / Kihei