Safety improvements needed on Alanui Ke Alii

When will the county do something about regulating the speed and excessive noise on Alanui Ke Alii in Kihei?

Turning off South Kihei Road onto Alanui Ke Alii, the speed limit changes from 20 mph to 30 mph. This seems to encourage many motorists, especially motorcyclists, to hit the accelerator, rev up their engines and speed up the hill, causing excessive noise and a safety hazard to pedestrians.

At the top of the hill, a few hundred yards after the speed limit is raised to 30 mph, we have a school zone where Kamali’i Elementary School is located, where the speed limit is reduced back to 20 mph. This stretch of 30-mph speed limit makes no sense and is a tremendous safety risk to our keiki. It is also clear that the 30-mph speed limit nor noise ordinances are being enforced.

I would strongly recommend that the county change the 30 mph to 20 mph on this road. And if it cannot enforce speed limits and noise ordinances, install at least one or two speed bumps/tables. I realize that this road is an important connecting road, but so is Keonekai Road and it has a speed table near the entrance to Kamaole Sands. Please make these changes before something happens that we will all regret.

Paul Arsuaga