Say no to further Bill of Rights infringements

With great joy I read that all but one of the do-nothing, feel good, anti-gun bills our state legislators have proposed have been killed.

It’s so sad, but always expected, how the leftists use tragedies like the murders of schoolchildren by a crazy lunatic at Sandy Hook to further push their anti-Second Amendment agenda. The really sad thing is that this anti-Second Amendment agenda blinds them from seeing the truth and how they have left our schoolchildren totally unprotected.

Sorry, Janet Napolitano, but teachers with scissors don’t get it against a crazy with a gun when our children’s lives are at risk.

These same people have successfully filled our streets with crazies on meds instead of keeping them in asylums, and have prevented the crazies from even being in any databases, making background checks worthless. With only good, law-abiding citizens in these databases, the only real reason for the so-called universal background checks is to build a database of all gun owners in America. And the only real reason for this is either to tax them or to confiscate them.

Say no to any further infringements on our Bill of Rights. Say yes to protecting our children just like the Obama kids are protected – with armed police or guards at every school.

Dan Scheper