Shipping power to Oahu makes no economic sense

We now have eight more wind turbines on Maui coming from Kahikinui and there is talk of 39 more but only if a cable is run to Oahu and all the power from the additional turbines is sent there. Why?

Power is more expensive on Maui, so running the cable and sending to Oahu doesn’t make economic sense. There is also talk of wind farms on Lanai and geothermal on the Big Island, all for Oahu consumption. Again, prices are higher on these islands, so economically it doesn’t make sense until there is 100 percent renewable on these islands for it to be transported to Oahu.

Why are these wind farms not put on Oahu? People who live there don’t want the eyesore.

Let’s get Maui County 100 percent renewable before we ship power elsewhere.

Lance Wendel