Spirits rule the aina, so end result no surprise

Why call it the Montana Beach house (The Maui News, March 6) when it was the Holland house located at Baldwin Beach but the Hawaiian name is Uluakapu beach? I thank every person in the county who did the right thing through that process.

Why didn’t the county open the building as a community center? Open to all, until the waves go through and punch out the breakaway walls that fall with tsunamis, which they installed. There are three bathrooms there that work.

The former owners applied for all the waivers and exemptions. They signed paperwork taking full responsibility for every penny put into the property, indemnifying the county. The mediations and appeal, a movie script.

It was such an imposition upon the land that spirit guided me through that appeal, as I had one lawyer and they had six in total. I am sure spirits of Hawaii rule the aina, so I am not surprised by this end result. That place is a cemetery, with the old lime kiln buried there. There are still tracks and rubble left for the tourists.

I go to the beach and can’t believe I was ever involved with that mess. To see the mess now, and the beauty. I only can hope that people in places of decision take a deep breath and have integrity when it comes to the very finite resources this island has, and lately I don’t see that vision. Do you?

Christina Hemming