Stop the cruelty of dog meat trade in Hawaii

Dogs are our revered companions and family. We are their guardians. We care deeply about dogs because they are man’s best friend.

Go to to hear about the dog meat trade in Hawaii.

When dogs are killed for meat in Hawaii, a bag is often put over their head and they are clubbed. Then, when partially or totally unconscious, their fur is torched.

Should a person be allowed to steal someone else’s pet dog or breed a dog for meat? Some say the government should not be allowed to tell us what to eat. But this dog meat cruelty is not regulated, and the dogs are kept in cold, damp places with no roof over their heads and barely fed at all before slaughter.

According to cruelty law, it is illegal to kill a dog but still not illegal to eat it or sell it, so how can that make sense since you must kill it before you eat it?

Sen. Clayton Hee and Rep. Karl Rhoads would not hear SB197/HB1349 to ban this cruel practice in Hawaii. Do they not believe this occurs? Why would they not hear it?

Kindness is the aloha way. Let us stop the cruelty of dog meat trade and be a guardian of protecting dogs. Speak and act in defense of all helpless living creatures.

Barbara Steinberg