Taxpayer money used to fuel political ambitions

Recently, Lt. Gov. Shan Tsutsui announced the opening of his Maui office in addition to his office at the state Capitol and reportedly is considering plans to open even more offices. The cost to open the Maui office is reported to be approximately $200,000 – not including staffing and other monthly expenses.

Tsutsui’s plan to open offices in all four counties is a naked use of taxpayer dollars for the purpose of enhancing his future campaign prospects.

The lieutenant governor doesn’t really do much. But taxpayer money is being spent for his personal convenience when attending to his very limited responsibilities.

As a former representative, I understand the sacrifice of leaving my family behind while conducting the people’s business. As a former senator, the lieutenant governor understood this as well. Now, in his new role and with an eye on higher office, he suddenly expects you to fund his statewide 2018 campaign preparations.

George Fontaine