Washington appears exempt to sacrifices

As our so-called fair president preaches how we must all make sacrifices and pay our fair share, let’s just look at what Washington calls fair:

  • Salary of retired U.S. presidents – $180,000 per year for life.
  • Salary of House/Senate members – $174,000 per year for life (stupid).
  • Salary of speaker of the House (really stupid, Nancy Pelosi?) and majority and minority leaders – $193,400 per year for life.
  • Average salary of a teacher – $40,065 per year.
  • Average salary of a soldier deployed in Afghanistan – $38,500 per year.

I don’t know about you, but I can see where we need to make some cuts and it starts with Washington. But then again, they are exempt from all their rules and laws.

Sucks, don’t it? And you guys voted for this guy.

Steve Kear