Agreed: Charge surviving bomber with treason

For the first time as far as I can remember, I agree with Bill O’Reilly’s comments regarding the bombing in Boston (Opinion, April 22).

As more details begin to fall into place, this single act has clearly become an act of terrorism. The ideologies of the bombers have been revealed to be on the politically extreme side, to the point that some in their family became estranged from them. The bombing in broad daylight was by all definitions terrorism and the surviving bomber should pay for his crimes.

We cannot take an aloof stance on this; our enemies (both foreign and domestic) need to understand that our country will not stand for this.

O’Reilly tossed out the word “treason,” and after looking up the definition I agree, too, with this point.

Treason may sound out of date, and best left for the Middle Ages, but its meaning is still the same.

These two bombers as I understand are American citizens and this single act was an attack on the safety and security of Boston, as well as the rest of the country. And, however you charge or convict for treason, it should be done to the surviving bomber.

We cannot allow criminals, however innocent they may appear, to start thinking we will tolerate this disgusting and hateful behavior.

May God bless those that lost their lives, and may the suffering of those that were injured be lessened and may they heal soon.

Jon M. Moore