Animal welfare groups are doing good work on Maui

Great wire service article concerning Kauai Humane Society’s new program to convince island visitors to take home a shelter dog to the various states on Mainland for ultimate home adoptions (The Maui News, April 20).

Why aren’t animal welfare groups on Maui doing this?

Oh, wait – they are, and have been for years.

Hawaii Animal Rescue Foundation ( has been doing this and more for a couple of years now right here on Maui. It has been relocating hundreds of our shelter dogs to other islands, various states and even countries.

This website indicates 90 percent of the animals they accept are from the bulging animal shelter in Puunene.

Maui Humane Society participates in the “Wings of Aloha Program” and has moved about 200 animals off Maui to other locations via various airlines. I learned this from an Oregon newspaper.

Are there other animal welfare organizations on Maui doing similar work? Come on, Maui News; it’s nice to know what is happening on Kauai, but how about letting us know what is happening with our animals, and the nonprofits helping them, right here on Maui. Can we read a local article about them?

There are about 20 various animal welfare organizations in our county performing a wide variety of services to help those with no voice and no vote, and countless individuals doing the same. How about giving them some notoriety? They certainly deserve it.

Mike Moran