Answers needed to question of who pays, how

If you use eminent domain to take all water on Maui to county ownership, how do you pay for it?

The taking is not the problem, the paying is a serious problem.

First ask Alexander & Baldwin and Brewer how they would like to get paid.

What about all other private owners of water resources. You have to roll all owners around in the dirt to get an answer.

One answer may not fit every water provider. But the use of all financial means is the best answer.

Bonds, cash, long-term obligation arrangements and many other proposals are the key to arriving at a conclusion that benefits all parties. Then who runs the day-to-day operation?

How does A&B and Brewer reserve enough water for their operations? Until all parties involved sit down with financial advisers nothing will advance to a solution. Some politician advocating solutions is not the solution.

It only makes the taking an obscure phony issue for the community to grapple with as no true solution can be brought forward without who pays and how.

A court proceeding accomplishes the taking but the financial answers have to preclude this taking.

Value is obscure, but ascertainable if good heads prevail in the process.

Is the April 6 Viewpoint writer ready? Stop talking and act.

Bill Blietz