Armed security personnel would make schools safer

Well, here we go again with the misinformed public and the lying media getting it completely wrong.

Yes, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting was a horrific tragedy, but the facts are there was no assault rifle used; he carried four 9 mm semi-auto pistols to do his killing. Point being that the anti-gun people just keep hammering away at assault rifles as always the weapon of choice so we need to ban them.

Fact: Twice the amount of murders have been committed with machetes and hatchets and three times the amount of murders have been done with hammers or blunt objects. So should we outlaw hammers, especially ones with large capacity handles?

What we need in gun-free schools is armed security personnel available and to post signs notifying people that this is the case.

Did you know that Adam Lanza shot himself only after he heard the police sirens approaching? What does that tell you?

Folks, we just can’t leave the schools helpless to do nothing about further attacks except fight back using statistics and methods available to us and having the schools protected.

And about gun control with this administration: It’s not about gun control, it’s about control period, and further stripping us of our constitutional rights.

Steve Kear