B&Bs, TVRs need to pay fair share of property tax

In response to Council Chairwoman Gladys Baisa’s column on April 14:

Everyone wants fairness.

I share her concerns over Senate Bill 1194 capping the transient accommodations tax, or TAT, revenues and her point that the counties provide the bulk of the services for visitors.

My question to her is: Why are our bread-and-breakfast businesses and transient vacation rentals not taxed fairly by the county’s Real Property Tax Division according to their impact on our county services?

When the B&B and TVR bill came out, its stated intentions was for two to six bedrooms. Now we are seeing them with 11 and 12 bedrooms with “retreats,” weddings, functions and amenities.

They should be taxed as hotels to cover the impact on our county services of roads, parks, public safety, water and wastewater, solid waste, etc.

As Webster’s dictionary states, “a hotel is an establishment providing lodging and usually meals for travelers, etc.” Let’s tax these hotels according to their impact.

Patrick Borge