Bird-loving columnist shows no compassion for cats

Froma Harrop’s column (The Maui News, April 2) was obviously written by a bird lover who has no compassion for our feline friends.

Cats are predators by nature, which makes it difficult for them to exist as an “indoor” species.

If you ever owned a cat (it seems the columnist hasn’t), the cat that sits on a window sill craving to be part of its natural environment is a sad sight to behold.

Cats love to feel the sunshine, eat grass, prowl and be the animal that they were designed to be, not just someone’s cuddle toy. Sure they run the risk of predators, as do birds and any other outdoor animal, but that is all part of the joys and risks of being part of nature. Should we cage birds for their protection?

I have cats and bird feeders. I keep the feeders out of cats’ reach. Simple.

As for the feral situation, it’s sad to hear someone refer to people that are trying to help “subsidized predators.”

I guess you would call someone who offers a street person a cup of coffee the same? We are on this earth to help one another, not watch them suffer. There are cat owners who don’t do their part to neuter their cats and contribute to the feral cat problem, but there are those that try to correct the situation through compassion and kindness. Kudos to them.

Maret Johanson