Black Rock a sacred spot, needs to be protected

After rescuing a conger eel that was tangled up in fishing line and seeing a javanese eel all wrapped up in a knot and dead on a fishing line, pardon me if I need to be reminded of how important Black Rock is for fishing.

I have personally seen spotted eagle rays, Pacific broad stingrays, gobies, butterflyfish, angel fish, moorish idols, oval chromis, lobsters of all varieties, crabs of all varieties, nudibranchs galore, sea snails, flatworms, fireworms, undulated morays, yellowhead morays, snowflake morays, flounders, soles, anemones, sandbar sharks, whitetip reef sharks, Hawaiian turkeyfish, etc.

This sacred spot is a haven of biodiversity and needs to be respected and protected.

Jason Daniel Juarez