Columnist is taken to task for her take on cats

I couldn’t help but read Froma Harrop’s column lining the floor of my litter box. You know, the “painful debate” whether cats are bird-killing “machines” or lovable balls of fur (The Maui News, April 2). Froma, let’s talk turkey (which I’m sure you don’t eat ever):

1. I am a cat. I kill birds for food, an instinctual matter of survival.

2. You are a human. Humans are human-killing “machines.” Death, torture and maiming are not instinctual, but premeditated, and not for food.

3. The cat explosion is the result of irresponsible humans. Shall we spay or neuter ourselves? Or maybe you could laughingly escort us to the gas chamber.

4. Your “solution” to the “painful debate” is eerily Hitleresque – extermination and selective propagation.

5. To say that it is OK for coyotes to kill cats but not for cats to kill birds is blatant hypocrisy.

6. You are not God. Get over yourself.

(Best, Maui Cat)

Lisa Stefanoni