Crackdown called for on Maui’s dangerous drivers

As a licensed motorcycle rider on Maui, I am constantly amazed, and sometimes appalled, at the things automobile drivers are doing while driving on the highways and byways of Maui.

Is there a ban on cellular phone use while driving on Maui? Really? Not from what I see.

Aside from the end-of-the-month speed traps, in all the usual places, I see no enforcement whatsoever.

Maybe because the Maui Police Department is too busy talking on their phones to be bothered. Children bouncing all over the car; dogs sitting on drivers’ laps; clearly unsafe and dilapidated vehicles with, surprise, a shiny new safety sticker on the wired-on bumper.

One car I passed had everyone, driver included, texting to someone. Probably each other.

When you see me “roaring by” you, it is because I am trying to find a clear spot on the highway to get away from you lunatics.

Finally, see that rectangular object in the middle of your windshield? That’s a rear-view mirror. Learn how to use it.

Jeff Barnes