Cures urgently needed for real man-made crisis

Man-made global warming, real or imagined?

I’m not going to argue that point one way or another. I want to show that whether global warming is man-made or not, we still have to do the very same things some say will mitigate the effect of it for the sake of our survival. We have a real man-made crisis that needs immediate cures that are the same as those offered for global warming.

Our crisis has to do with our environment, our life-support systems. We cannot continue degrading the planet’s ability to support our survival by listening to dumb, greedy people who simply don’t care about humanity’s future.

Our atmosphere, the air we breathe, is filthy. Oceans and lakes are polluted and fish are disappearing. The forests are ravaged, causing many negative effects on our species. Clean drinking water is scarcer every year. Farmlands are being ruined due to use of poisons to kill bugs. Just about any meat we eat is loaded with antibiotics that make us sick and immune to their benefits when we need them.

Nuclear power and high-carbon fuels are a moron’s way to get energy. We have seen close up how that is true and yet we are too caught up in what a few special interests want instead of taking a world view and being willing to sacrifice and do the work to find cleaner, safer options for much of what we do.

It’s a nonpartisan issue.

Pippo Schillaci