Devil is in details of background gun checks

Background checks for guns but not for president of the United States, or for voting? Hogwash. Background checks? Sounds good. Who could be against that? The devil is in the details.

The NRA is right to oppose background checks until they are defined in detail. For example, liberal/Democrat legislators want to refuse the “right” of veterans to own weapons. Will that be a disqualifier in any new law? Let us first see the details before blindly buying into the broad term “background checks.”

Let us first see what they will say is disqualifying before we mess with the people’s constitutional rights.

Wayne LaPierre is correct when it comes to protecting our keiki: “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is by a good guy with a gun.”

Is the school janitor going to do it? Maybe the music teacher is going to stop an armed intruder into a school? Maybe the math teacher can stop the murder of our keiki by attacking him with an eraser? Or maybe not. In such an horrendous invasion there are only seconds to save the children. Not minutes to wait for police to arrive. Tragically we’ve seen what happens waiting.

Please understand that criminals by definition do not obey laws. Criminals don’t buy guns at the sporting goods store. They buy them out of the back of a van or the trunk of a car. They buy them from other criminals. Only honest citizens will be targeted by background checks.

Mark Gallup