DMV workers applauded for efficient service

I made a visit to the Motor Vehicles & Licensing office located at the Maui Mall. I was anticipating this to be a less-than-favorable experience based on letters to the editor that have been printed in the past.

I had several questions that I needed to have answered. I was greeted by Lehua at the information counter. She was patient and thorough in her explanation, very pleasant toward me and to everyone she spoke with. I gathered things I needed. When I was with a complete set of documents I went back to the information counter. This time I spoke with Pam. She too was a pleasure to speak with and very helpful. I was given my numbered ticket and waited.

I watched the number screen very carefully and to my dismay the number after mine popped up. I asked the counter person, Sherry, who was helping the number after me what had happened to my number and she said she had activated it. I said it did not show on the board. She said she would help me next.

She explained this happens sometimes. Sherry called me over after her transaction and we completed my transactions. She too was pleasant and very efficient. The entire experience was quick and I encountered very friendly, helpful and efficient workers.

I could not have asked for better service. Considering the sheer volume of questions and situations they deal with on a daily basis they do a remarkable job.

Terry Applegate