Don’t be taken in by the claims of climate deniers

A March 20 letter writer denying climate change managed to mix disingenuous information with flat-out falsehoods.

The reference to the “seventh International Climate Change Conference” implied this is a widely attended, truly scientific conference, which it was not. It was a gathering of climate skeptics. It was not the United Nations Conference on Climate Change that most of us are familiar with, but a biased attempt of climate deniers to confuse the public. The sponsor, Heartland Institute, is an extremist conservative/libertarian think tank supported in big part by oil, tobacco and other industrial ventures promoting unfettered free-market enterprise worried that their profits will be threatened by efforts to reduce atmospheric carbon loading. This is the same Heartland Institute that has worked to dismiss claims that secondary smoke causes cancer or that fracking could threaten water quality.

The 2012 conference had less than 300 attendees, in contrast to the U.N. conferences which attract tens of thousands. Not one of the top speakers had any background in climate science, but focused on issues in highly conspiratorial, politicized terms. There was no legitimate evidence provided proving climate change is not happening.

Over 97 percent of the world’s climate scientists, as well virtually every legitimate scientific association worldwide, now recognizes climate change is real and is responding to the dramatic increases in human produced atmospheric carbon dioxide.

So, who do you trust – the world’s scientific community or the free-market industrial complex? Do your research and don’t be taken in.

Dale B. Bonar