Don’t think old, instead be young at heart

The Maui News has a thing about age. It is always amusing to read editorials in which the writer frequently refers to himself as “old,” an “old guy” or an “oldster.” My view is you are as old as you think you are.

Thus, even if you are older, never wear a shirt that says, “Old Guys Rule.” They probably don’t anyway.

Rather than think old, think and be young at heart, enjoying the now and not the past and don’t take yourself too seriously (a sense of humor helps).

The Maui News also apparently thinks young people have more to contribute than the experienced, wise and young at heart.

A Maui News decision-maker told me last year he was not interested in my suggestion to move my widely read column in a weekly newspaper to The Maui News “because we want someone younger.” (Is that age discrimination or what? Just kidding, sort of).

A favorite quote in my first book comes from Lahaina community leader and mover and shaker Joan McKelvey, now in her 80s.

Joan’s mother lived to be more than 100, prompting the octogenarian to note: “When you reach 98, it is all downhill from there.”

Thus, 23 more years to catch up to legendary Honolulu Advertiser columnist and author Bob Krauss. Some 150 columns for me and still writing. Hope I can make it at least as far as Joan, always remaining young at heart.

Norm Bezane