Don’t use ‘jobs’ as an excuse to spread pollution

I just read the letter from Maui Monsanto employees going around Facebook in regards to vandalism and violence on their property. Though I do not in any way shape or form promote either aforementioned, it is without question Monsanto is unwelcome.

Yes, there is without doubt a lot of misinformation being strewn around, yet no semi-educated/common sense individual can disagree that this Agent Orange/DDT/Roundup/DuPont mega entity has their hands deep in money, negative environmental agricultural impact, toxic pollutants and out-of-control buy-overs.

Perhaps they do some good, but their sneaky ways have not won over many hearts. Bottom line for me is any mega corporation that claims they have the people’s best interest in mind yet refuses to face facts-toxic pesticides that resist all outside contaminations and control of food sources claiming it’s for the best?

Using “jobs” as an excuse for polluting our already overtaxed little island? Didn’t that excuse go out after the 13th mega hotel went up? I say enough already.

Kumara Kealani