Foes of sugar cane burning haven’t learned anything

Here we go again. Stop the cane burns. Are we lolo? Can we really afford to lose jobs and a revenue of over $250 million? Why is it that we are consistently trying to stop commercial progress and, in this case run off one of the biggest revenue-producing industries left on island? Have we not learned anything?

Health issues are a concern. I know several with allergies and not one blames the cane. Guess who gets the blame? Vog.

Cane burns have occurred for over 140 years; did you not do your homework before you moved here?

Maybe Kihei is not the place for you. Playing the pollution card is just being emotional and misinformed. Seriously, tear out the cane and grow grass? That is a real revenue-producing industry.

This reminds me of the community who builds an airport outside the city, and then builds houses around it and complains about the noise. These are not workers who fly in every day or jump the border to work and then send the money home. This is home.

These are 800 of our neighbors and friends. They support either directly or indirectly 800 households, an average of 3,500 loved ones. These people, who you want to put out of a job contributed over $100,000 to Maui charities and collected over 12,000 pounds of food for our neighbors in need. I hope we don’t look back someday while we are scratching that lump 3 feet below our head and say, “What happened?”

Mark Wilson