Gabbard’s vote is betrayal of campaign promise

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s recent vote in favor of the Continuing (Budget) Resolution has riled up many of her supporters. This bill made the sequester cuts permanent, with Hawaii being one of the 10 most affected states. The result is many will lose jobs, and the military will lose funding.

Then, the Senate inserted a rider which has been dubbed “The Monsanto Protection Act.” GMO labeling and protecting the aina from harmful chemical spraying are issues that many voters feel passionately about.

Tulsi had pledged during her campaign to fight for ordinary people, to be a voice for military concerns, to fight for GMO labeling, and to “protect the aina.” So it was not surprising that her vote met with outrage. Tulsi explained her vote by saying it was a “must-pass funding bill” to avert a government shutdown. But the question is how she could have also kept her campaign promises.

The bill passed the Senate, and was practically guaranteed to pass the GOP-controlled Congress (it passed 318-109). So no matter how Tulsi voted, the “must-pass funding” would have been approved.

But there would have been a large bonus for Tulsi voting against the bill. The ordinary people and military folks affected by the sequester cuts would have felt supported, as well as the passionate foes of GMOs.

Tulsi made a mistake by voting in favor of this bill. Now many of those who supported her campaign feel betrayed, and will not support her in the future.

Aniruddha Sherbow