Getting steamrolled by county’s property taxes

Have you reviewed your 2013 property tax assessment?

By now, you have received your 2013 Maui Property Tax Assessment. Most folks’ attitude is, “It’s a tax, I’ll just pay it” and don’t bother to really review it.

I for one have reviewed it and I am being hit with a 39.4 percent increase. I doubt that I’m alone.

The calculation is simple: Subtract your (smaller) 2012 assessment from your (larger) 2013 assessment and divide by the smaller 2012 assessment to get your percent increase.

Unbelievable in a distressed economy. Yet this brings my property value back to 2007 levels when real estate was at its peak. The county has reinstated 2007 assessments but did not reinstate the homeowner’s exemption to $300,000 from the current $200,000, nor did they reinstate the per $1,000 rate to $2 versus the current $2.75 rate.

Guess what? You’re getting steamrolled. Just wait and see what your taxes will be when the market really heats up.

As usual, the county is attempting to pay for the mayor’s additional staff and the huge pay raises for him, his department heads and the council members (The Maui News, April 16) on the backs of the taxpayers.

Don’t like it? Protest it before the assessment becomes final on May 1st. Attend the County Council meetings (see

Thanks to Bob Carroll and Mike White’s offices. No answers, yet. Acknowledging receipt at least is the proper way to conduct business. They were the only ones to respond.

Bruce Laserna