GMO science can’t be ignored in favor of feelings

I’ll put my radical left-wing cred up against anyone’s. But I have a problem with the reaction to genetically modified seeds. Study after study has failed to show any harmful effects. There are stories, anecdotal evidence, enough of which cause research to be conducted. But then, the research fails to demonstrate any harmful effects. There was one, a single study that was so outlandish in its methods that it was properly ignored.

All this nonsense about how the world food supply will be ruined forever by this advanced hybridization science is embarrassing. We liberals are so quick to embrace science when we want to chastise the Bible-thumpers and their fake theories of creation science and their fake theories about how gays ruin straight marriage, yet some of us ignore science in favor of our feelings about Franken-food.

Granted, Monsanto (the seller of the magic seeds) seems to be a bad corporate citizen, abusing its power and its patents to gouge farmers worldwide. I think that is a completely separate issue and it ought to be dealt with, and harshly. But I am one of the real 99 percent, we who do not create our own food. We rely on production facilities, including gigantic farms. We really are cogs in the great wheel of modern life. And we are subject to the risks of that.

I am not going to live in fear.

Rick Tolin