Growing homeless segment proving dangerous

My reaction to the homeless man shooting golfers with a pellet gun was “unbelievable.”

But it is quite believable. Last year I visited the Van Nuys area of L.A. The first evening I walked outside my hotel, and passed by some homeless folks. I didn’t exactly hear what one of them said to me but his tone was menacing. I stuck to the hotel gym for exercise thereafter.

Days later I was with my sisters in Venice Beach. Returning to our car, we crossed paths with a street person sweeping the sidewalk with a palm frond, mumbling to himself. My sister smiled and thanked him for keeping the sidewalks clean. He spat and swore at her.

Back on Maui, I caught a news story about Van Nuys, where I’d been: A homeless woman was doused with flammable liquid and set afire. Police suspected another homeless person in the attack.

Recently a video in Honolulu made news. It showed a police officer vacationing here who subdued a homeless woman after she assaulted an airport security guard. A few weeks ago from the Mainland came the horrifying story of a senior citizen in his car refusing to give money to a homeless panhandler. The homeless guy doused him with flammable liquid and set him on fire.

Gone are the days when the homeless could be seen as simply folks down on their luck. Today a scary segment of them, including some on Maui, are mentally unstable, unpredictable, and highly dangerous.

Jerome Kellner