Hawaiians victimized in the past and the present

Ever heard of the Hawaiian Islands? Well, it isn’t! Have a look.

The Hawaiians just wanted to have their land to live on like they always have. All the Hawaiians wanted was to be left alone.

Then came the missionaries, who found the Hawaiian people in perfect health.

Then came more ships bringing in the diseases that eventually wiped out three-fourths of the Hawaiian population, which was not an accident. It was an attempt at genocide.

The next step was to mix the blood up in order to eventually bring the blood quantum below 50 percent, which was set by the United States Congress contrary to what Prince Kuhio wanted when he set up the Hawaiian Homes Act.

Now we have Sen. Brian Schatz, the white man, and Sen. Mazie Hirono, the Asian, to tinker with it to benefit who?

Hirono just introduced a bill to take care of Philippine veterans, and so did Ben Caytetano when he was governor.

The Japanese were paid restitution for their inconvenience after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. After the clearing of the smoke, the Hawaiians are the bad guys.

How can you tell? Look at what is being given to the Hawaiian people in return.

Henry P. Kahula Jr.