Island’s recycling efforts need to be expanded

We love this island and support more recycling. How can this occur?

People of all ages need support, encouragement, and information on how to recycle more.

For instance, we wash and reuse our plastic bags, clean food containers, pack them in our car, and bring them to the market and restaurants for reuse.

We need fresh, new ideas and ways of reusing various materials including plants.

Let’s urge our elected officials to expand curbside pickup, including our green waste to compost it.

Education is key to expanding recycling on Maui so everyone participates. Let’s teach our children the processes involved in recycling.

Legislation like banning plastic bags has inspired the public to reuse cloth bags.

Educational media campaigns are needed to expand public awareness on creative ways to reuse materials and how to recycle them.

Please share this with your friends, write to the mayor and County Council about your ideas on how recycling is vital to sustain our beautiful island.

Barbara and Michael Gach