It’s unfair to single out Upcountry water users

The water proposal from the council (The Maui News, March 27) seems not fair to water users Upcountry.

Water restrictions were just dropped for Upcountry a few weeks ago. We had been under shortage for more than eight months. Look at rainfall levels and I cannot understand how we are the only district under such restrictions, and under the new law proposed we would see rate increases.

The fact that our political leaders for more than 40 years did little in water improvements is not the residents’ fault. If any one district is under restrictions, all should be given rate increases.

My bill averages about $35 a month and mansions in Makena used to have bills over $800 per month, yet I constantly saw water restrictions for many years.

We all share in this resource and now equally need to be held accountable.

Dennis Fitzpatrick