Mainland attitudes taking away local lifestyle

Kihei is an example of what can go wrong if you let people who know nothing about the islands make changes.

Poor planning and a Mainland attitude with no idea of what you are doing to try to improve these islands.

Maui is an island in the middle of the ocean, we are not the Mainland so why change it to fit your lifestyle?

Community associations are only for people who want to take away the local lifestyle. You buy land, pay for it for years and then make a set of rules.

If you want to live here you have to fellow the rules. We used the cane roads to get from place to place; one stoplight on the island.

With 50,000 people we didn’t need bike and walk paths or dog parks. If this is progress and making a better life for the people of Maui, I have one question: for who?

Allen Vierra