Maui’s property tax system is rife for cheating

I own a condominium in Kihei that I rent out when I am not using it. It is my understanding that a 12 percent tax hike is being proposed for hotel/resort properties.

The mayor should please consider the following when making a decision on this proposal:

* I already pay 500 percent more in real estate taxes than homeowners who live in the same building.

* In addition, I pay hotel/motel taxes on the rentals I receive.

* I employ local people as needed for repairs and cleaning.

* My tenants spend money on tourist activities, bringing jobs to local people. They eat out.

The real estate tax system in Maui is unfair and I can’t understand why this has not been challenged in court as being unconstitutional. This is an extremely unfair way to levy taxes.

Maui’s tax system is rife for cheating. It would be easy to claim my rental as an apartment, many other people do it now.

Please consider rejecting this class warfare attempt to merely punish outsiders and look at the ramifications of this unfair tax burden.

By the time I pay for real estate taxes, hotel/motel taxes, condo dues, utilities, repairs, etc., I am not making money. The county makes more profit than I do.

Carolyn Vares