Mayor’s proposed property tax assessments unfair

I read Mayor Alan Arakawa’s budget proposal in The Maui News (March 26).

I cannot believe he thinks the property tax assessments for rental condominiums are a fair burden compared to homeowner taxes. Homeowners in my complex pay $592 while I pay $3,798 for the same view. Is the homeowner tax based on income? On disability? No, merely the fact that they live here full time.

Homeowners have children in your schools, use the same road, parks etc. They use your unemployment insurance, some use your welfare.

All I do is merely contribute: Contribute to property tax rolls (unfairly), contribute to jobs created by tourists (snorkel cruises, helicopter rides, zip lines, etc.), contribute to hotel/motel tax fund. I place no burden on the county coffers.

I do not mind paying my fair share for road maintenance and parks. But this is not fair.

Please consider the facts: I pay far more than I use, and without the tourists and hotels/condos, Maui’s economy would be in really bad shape. Quit pitting the locals against the rest of us – we pay our fair share.

Conny Coopman