Molested child is betrayed by the judicial system

I cried Wednesday morning (April 17) when I read the paper; and no, it was not because of the Boston Marathon. I cried Monday too.

Wednesday, I couldn’t help but weep for the child molested by both a father and a son. And then I got really mad – at the judge who gave an 18-month prison sentence, at the defense attorney and the prosecutor who decided to make a plea agreement to “save the child the torment of going through a trial.” I’m aghast. There should never be a plea agreement in a child-molestation case. Full sentence every single time. Close the courtroom and keep the case private for a minor. It is at the discretion of the judge to take the plea deal or not.

These men should be in jail for a minimum of 10 years for what they did to that child, and we on Maui should not tolerate anything less. Maybe that congressman who made the statement about Hawaii’s cultures tolerating this kind of behavior was not that far off. Shame on all of you.

Maggie Dickison