Nahiku groundbreaking dignified and touching

The hardworking Nahiku Community Association outdid itself in hosting a splendid groundbreaking, blessing and ceremony on March 30.

The old Hawaiian families, joined by many new residents, prepared a touching, emotional and dignified ritual for their much-needed future community center. The chanting and formal protocol emphasized the gratitude of the association for the collaboration between state and county governments during the laborious funding process.

I was impressed with how clean and well-tended the grounds are where the proposed center will sit. Neatly cut grass, trimmed ti leaf of various colors and gorgeous ulu and aged banyan trees graced our lush surroundings.

The highlights of the abundant luncheon were special Hawaiian delicacies such as pohole salad, luau stew and poke garnished with limu, not to mention the freshly baked banana bread.

Again, this event could not have happened without the assistance of the Governor’s Office, our state legislators, Mayor Alan Arakawa and East Maui Council Member Bob Carroll, who shepherd the funding through the council budget committee.

Lastly, a sincere mahalo to Nahiku Community Association President Kamalu Kaho’okele, Vice President Mapu Kekahuna and all the members of the board for keeping the focus on guiding the interested parties with patience, encouragement and the occasional “foot-stomping” to make their dream come true.

Morris Haole Jr.