No accountability for where tax money is going

It appears that conflict of interest and spending of taxes for personal use is running rapid on Maui.

All these extra taxes at the Division of Motor Vehicles & Licensing as well as public bus fees and court fees seem to be accumulating but not being completely accounted for.

Where are all these taxes being invested and utilized down to every penny? Why is it that so many people who are in positions of trusted prominence in companies or local politics, including heads of unions, are getting away with cheating the system?

What ever happened to the Wailuku Main Street Association investigation? Obviously nothing. Why are we allowing corruption of titles to get the free pass in ripping off taxpayers? The people are the law, not subordinates or below the system. This kind of deceptive poison or manipulation of common people feeling inferior needs to stop. And people who are cheating the system in positions of power need to be held accountable for their hypocritical actions.

Daryljean Kaahui