No consensus found on science of climate change

The alarmists are at it again. First was global cooling, then global warming, now global climate change. Two years ago, it was all exposed as a hoax, faked, cherry-picked data. Don’t they think that people are wise to the cries of the next crisis the hysterics are conjuring?

After four years of one national crisis after the other regurgitated by our president these themes do not resonate. They are tiring.

There has never been a consensus on the science of global warming. The scientific models used to predict drastic changes to our climate in the future have not once been able to replicate a single climatic event. There is no definitive, based-on-science answer to alarmists’ prayers at the altar of climate change, only panic. It is the sun that warms the Earth, silly.

To achieve the goal – carbon dioxide levels the doomsayers want – the entire world would have to reduce its production of CO2 by 80 percent. Can you imagine the impact to the entire world’s standard of living? The economic consequences to humanity would be devastating.

Power-hungry politicians love this so they can break the backs of the people with laws that cause prices of energy to rise and rise and rise through greater taxes and government regulation.

The fate of all who dwell in the world should not be decided upon by power-hungry politicians with alarmists’ noise preparing their path. Answers and solutions should come from sound science, not greed and emotion.

Thomas Fairbanks