Not all experiences with the DMV are so pleasant

In response to an April 23 letter:

I guess all Division of Motor Vehicles & Licensing bureaus are not created equal. We do not have a greeter to answer questions in our very busy Kihei location.

But to go on, speaking about four people’s experiences in the last two months there:

* Two out of four workers were absent that day.

* One worker took 1.5 hours for lunch, which I understand is not unusual.

* When I called to talk to a supervisor about this, the phone rang 15 times (phones go through Kahului, I think) and I gave up.

* Each of us experienced at least a two-hour wait.

Service is fine once we get waited on.

Due to work rules, I guess the bureau must close at 3:30 p.m. That answers my question why so many construction workers have expired driver’s licenses. Who wants to lose two hours of pay to wait in line and then maybe your number doesn’t even get called?

Since 1999, I have been asking the county to extend hours into the evening. I even spoke to someone from the county face to face about this. No one wants to admit why they can’t change the system.

We are taxpayers. The state and county workers work for us, yet we have no way to change this situation.

Marcia Raley