Opposing breast-feeding bill in Legislature shocking

Boo to the Maui Chamber of Commerce.

I am shocked at its opposition to the “Relating to Breastfeeding in the Workplace” bill (“The Chamber View,” April 6). What is there to oppose?

It is in the community interest to allow mothers to provide milk for their children. It is free, nutritionally complete, and contains immune-boosting nutrition. Studies have touted the dozens of social, emotional and health benefits to mother and child with breast-feeding, including a lower chance of obesity later in life.

What financial impact is the chamber afraid of? Providing a mother with a break to pump? Is the chamber so critical of people going on bathroom breaks or coffee breaks?

You will have more productive and happy mothers if they are not stressed and worried about whether they can pump at work.

I see this bill as actually increasing productivity and not hurting a company financially at all. I am supremely disappointed that the chamber would rush to criticize this bill.

We already have the lowest maternity leave in the developed world (I suppose the chamber is against maternity leave too), and the chamber is up in arms about breast-feeding rights – unbelievable.

Holly Lee