Oprah making it tougher on Maui’s small businesses

I read with interest “Costs put food makers at bottom of the barrel” (The Maui News, April 7).

As a farmer and a food producer I feel that I must mention once again the difficulty of running a small business on our beautiful island. It’s a seven-day-a-week endeavor and lifestyle that all of us cherish.

I have written about this before (with no response from anyone involved with Oprah Winfrey). It is going to be even more difficult to compete with a force backed by $2.8 billion Oprah’s Organics, skin product line and her other new business ventures on Maui. She is going to make it impossible for many of us to compete. This is a mega-business venture from the outside that doesn’t show any compassion for those of us who have spent our lives here and have worked for so long.

Still haven’t heard the why.

Michael P. McCoy