Overturning same-sex marriage ban paramount

April 11 was the final review for lawmakers in the state House to decide whether they disagree with the state Senate’s amendments to recently proposed bills, and vice versa.

Among the bills were proposals to “set aside money to address homelessness, innovation, obesity and foster care services.” Among the 200 or so proposals that were scheduled for review, one bill was noticeably absent: one dealing with the civil interest of same-sex marriage.

While I commend Hawaii for its overall popular support of the issue and the progress our state has made so far, it’s not enough.

And, though same-sex civil unions provide very similar benefits to marriage here in Hawaii, it’s about the simple issue of equality.

Giving a certain group a different set of lesser rights and calling it fair is nothing short of ridiculousness. The state lawmakers need to realize that this issue is not something that should be ignored or regulated to the backburner, and that the overturning of the banning of same-sex marriage is paramount. Until all of us are equal, none of us are.

Dylan Gera