Paddle life-sustaining Maui canoe with integrity

Elected and appointed public servants should increase Maui’s life qualities and develop robust, sustaining economic engines.

Workers are furloughed; government lags unfunded liability payments into Employee Retirement Funds while elected and appointed leaders garner pay raises.

We’re in same life-sustaining canoe. Leadership decisions must respect worker loyalties.

More government transparency. Like increased water rates paying for treating and delivery costs, or investment projects balancing taking stream water and taking aquifer water.

Report using very efficient, energy-saving pumps, powered by renewable power-generating systems, thus reducing daily operational costs. Then, water rates reduce?

If water rates tied to capital improvement projects, capturing, delivering, searching for and pumping new water resources, and expanding capacities of water reservoirs, tell us how funded and strategy. Due to CIP distributed benefits, CIP are usually bond-funded and itemized on bill.

Sustain Maui, converting resources to lessen our dependence on foreign oil. Immediately transform talk to converting our plastics and combustible nonrecyclable opala into useable electricity. Why wastefully “pay-to-ship” collections to Mainland recyclers?

How many puu opalas do we need? Stop buying good agriculture acres to convert into brownfields.

When vacuumed methane from puu opala producing e pololi electricity, resourcefully powering Maui grid? Flaring is poho, wastefully heating Earth!

Raising real property assessments and tax rates forces owners selling parcels to off-islanders. Make parcel owner “win-win” incentives.

Demonstrate integrity paddling Maui-sustaining canoe.

Warren Shibuya