Questions should be raised about immigration laws

After the horrific Islamic attacks at the Boston Marathon, we now get to watch the judiciary at work.

And have no doubt whatsoever, that is what they are. Many questions will be discussed and many more questions should come to surface, especially about our immigration laws and foreign student regulations. How do we monitor these individuals who are guests in our country?

It seems that the brother who did not survive, after throwing bombs, then being run over and dragged 40 feet by an SUV driven by his brother, was not able to get citizenship in the USA. I wonder why.

There is an even worse cover-up story here. There was someone arrested before the Chechen brothers. He is a Saudi national by the name of Abdul Rahman Ali Alharbi, who has strong connections to a powerful Saudi family. He is a known terrorist with many known terrorists in his family. This kid just happened to be there at the finish line rooting for a runner and probably helping with the bombing. He is also on a terrorist watch list.

But the Obama administration has been doing all it can to suppress anything having to do with this “person of interest.”

Lisa Gapero