State’s child support system is in need of reform

One issue I would like to see state politicians pay a little more attention to is the current child support system.

Anybody who has been through it knows that it is really a very impersonal process and the workers there are quite callous. They have no consideration for people’s actual needs.

It is on the basis of a mathematical formula which, in turn, means that if you are making more than the other parent you will end up paying. It is another case of penalizing success and rewarding lack of it.

Another question I have is: Why does the government get to determine how much a kid needs? Isn’t that the parents’ job?

Instead of having a ridiculous formula that punishes success, why not make it simple? If there is joint custody, nobody owes anything. If one parent has primary custody, then that parent, not the government, determines how much he/she needs and presents the case to a judge and the judge rules. Isn’t that how any other legal case is resolved?

The worst part is that the workers there don’t even care about how unfair the system is. I honestly don’t know how anybody can work there and sleep at night.

Erin McLaughlin